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A Brand New Craig McBreen (dot) Com

It’s been about nine months since my last post. How appropriate, since I feel as if I’ve given birth to a new baby—this site. Early this past summer I reevaluated everything I was doing. At that time I decided to bring back my own personal domain—this is my brand after all—and build everything around it, including…

Why the Social Web Needs Thought Leaders

A few months back, Mark Schaefer wrote a post that rankled a few peeps in the blogosphere. The post induced a mix of reactions. Those vehemently disagreeing, but many nodding in agreement. His “Content Shock” post generated … hundreds of comments (negative, positive and in-between); sucked precious time from his business, (because he answered most…

Want to Be a Blog Writing Machine? (Give up on Perfection).

How do you write so damn much? I recently interviewed Gini Dietrich and that was the very question I asked her. I wanted to know how she’s become a writing machine, continually pumping out valuable, insightful, and actionable posts. Her answer was basically that it’s something she can’t not do.

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